About Karen Willis Career Coaching

Does your current career or role fulfil you or do you feel something is missing? Do you feel ‘in your flow’ and happy or out of sync and miserable?

Are you one of the many women who have reached a plateau in your career and are you now stuck in a rut? Are you feeling like an unpolished diamond – you have huge potential but no
-one is seeing it? Feeling that you are no longer challenged in your current career or role, or feeling that your current career is not maximising your strengths and skills can leave you feeling that now is the time to explore your career options, create a plan for a career change and for you to do what you have always wanted to do.

The good news is that you are not alone… the corner is there and you are much closer to turning the corner than you realise.

If you feel you need a career change or a new career direction, but don’t know where to start, we specialise in helping women like you get focussed on finding the right career path.

Karen’s unique Career Flow System™ has been designed to enable you discover your true potential, your unique skills, your personal strengths and your true career path. Our tailor-made Career Flow System™ will enable you to gain clarity on your career options, gain the confidence to make a career plan and will give you the confidence to make a career change.

So, do you want the life you deserve? Do you want the essential sparkle back in your life and do you feel that now is your time to shine? Then contact Karen or her team now.

About Karen

Karen Willis

With a background in healthcare management, Karen was empowered to discover what is important in her own career and she is now working as a Career Coach and a Professional Medical Coach, specialising in empowering women to discover their new career plans or to change careers. Using the strengths and skills she has gained, she can relate to her clients having been in their shoes – she understands the struggle you face as you juggle your career with your other life commitments and your desire to feel effective and valued. Her love of people and her own search for a meaningful career means that she knows first-hand the challenging array of emotions of coming to a life-stage where you want change. She knows what it is like when you may, or may not yet know, exactly what that change is and most importantly the ‘how’ seems like a huge obstacle to ever make it a reality.

Using the same approach as she does with her clients – women like you who are seeking to evolve your career and move towards a more fulfilling next stage – Karen identified what was important to her in her own career. Now, Karen’s Career Coaching programme will support you as you:

  • Make a career change
  • Get that promotion
  • Do something you have always wanted to do
  • Start your own business
  • Return to work following time out
  • Achieve a fulfilling work-life balance
  • Discover a new career challenge/
  • Embark on redundancy
  • Plan for voluntary redundancy or early retirement
  • Design your retirement

Karen understands the challenges you face in exploring your career options – her unique Career Flow System™ will help you identify your strengths, discover your values, recognise your transferable skills, explore you career interests, design a plan and get the essential sparkle back in your life quickly.

As winner of the International Coach Federation – Ireland Chapter’s ‘Health and Wellness Coach of the Year 2018’ and ‘Career Coach of the Year 2017’ and with her qualifications in Executive and Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Coaching with Neuroscience and Mentoring, Karen’s unique Career Flow System™ is tailor-made to best suit your individual needs so that you can get the essential sparkle back in your life and discover your true career path.

So, if you are ready for the life you deserve, you want the essential sparkle back in your life and you feel that now is your time to shine, then contact Karen or her team now.